Web-based Software and On-line Platforms

  • Web-based Hotel Reservation Software

    Build any kind of on-line booking software, hotel room search engine, price comparison site or white-label solution. Augment your inventory with data from Global Distribution Systems or distribute your bed-bank globally through any of the major GDS and on-line travel agents. Utilise complex availability search and notification criteria. Integrate with existing Central Reservation Systems or create your own! Learn more about our bespoke on-line reservation systems »

  • On-line Platforms for Real Estate Agents

    Web-based and mobile software for managing networks of real-estate agents. Manage on-line listings and publish to major property portals, create property search engines, lead generation sites, recommendation engines and more. Develop advanced API's, XML or JSON feeds, bulk listing uploads, availability and price management tools. Everything necessary to efficiently run a real-estate business on-line.

  • Marketplaces and Match-making Platforms

    Create vibrant on-line marketplaces that facilitate peer-to-peer transactions and keep a commission. Or help connect investors with deals, tutors with students, doctors with patients, friends with new friends.

  • Professional Community Platforms

    Develop professional on-line communities specific to your industry sector or geographic location. Showcase key industry players, publish reports and resources, provide on-line event calendars, display members and events on a map and more. Fully customisable, white-label solutions allow you to also create global networks of community sites. Learn more about our on-line community portals »

Turn great ideas into ready to use web-based platforms

As a start-up founder or tech leader, you want to have the freedom to focus your resources on your core competencies. No one knows more than you about your industry and the nature of the problems that you are trying to solve. To bring your idea to market, you understand the importance of launching a new platform fast and releasing new features on a regular basis.

Starting from scratch and building an in-house team is a slow, expensive and extremely fragile process. No matter how innovative your software product or platform, it is bound to share a large number of features and processes with other software that has already been built. There are best practices and ways to do this that enhance the user experience, and there are ways to get it wrong and chase your customers away before they even get a feel of what you're all about.

In the software engineering world we have a mantra - "don't re-invent the wheel". Yet most new apps and web-based platforms consistently get so many things wrong, that customers lose enthusiasm and move on.

Take advantage of our experience and know-how in building software products with clean, simple and reliable user interfaces that customers love to use and talk about. Save time and money and avoid jeopardising the success of your new venture.

Tell us about your idea and let's get started building your platform!

More A115 services for start-ups

Cloud-based Software Development

Build complex software systems that solve challenging business problems and reliably scale as your user-base grows.

Software Quality Management

Ensure reliable and secure software conductive to growth with an ever improving code-base that is easy to maintain.

Mobile Application Development

Build and distribute successful mobile apps for your users, running on any mobile platform (iOS, Android, Blackberry).

Translation and UI Localisation

Reach a wider global audience by translating content and localising user interfaces, for almost any language and locale.

Technical Documentation

Ensure business continuity by having maintainable systems and components that can be used, serviced and improved by new and existing staff alike.

Software Security Management

Avoid expensive security breaches, protect assets and meet regulatory requirements with secure and reliable software.

Brochures and Presentations

Impress investors and partners with well-designed, engaging presentations that get the point across and achieve results.

Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

Be well prepared and position your start-ups strategically when launching a new product or service.