Smart City Software and e-Government Solutions

Since our very beginning, A115 has been involved in a number of large-scale public sector and e-Government projects. We have also developed concepts and demos for several of our own Smart City solution ideas that we believe can have positive impact in any urban environment, especially in developing countries and emerging markets.


In 2007 we developed and implemented a unique mobile parking payments solution for the municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria. ParkBySMS allows anyone, with any mobile phone to pay for on-street parking time by simply sending a single text message (premium SMS). Today, more than 98% of all parking payments in Sofia go through this system.


We are always inventing ways to apply emerging technologies to real-world problems. Our ViewCop solution uses augmented reality head-up displays (ala Google GLASS) to give new powers to road-traffic police, parking wardens and security personnel. This wearable device software uses ANPR and can connect to ParkBySMS and other police or municipal databases.


Based on the unparalleled success of ParkBySMS, we developed a next-generation parking payments technology that removes friction and makes the parking payment process practically transparent. Using advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology and a pre-paid account, ChargeMyPlate is the future of vehicle-related payments.

Your City / Your Project

At A115, our biggest strength is in developing highly customised solutions that solve specific problems. We will be happy to discuss your public sector project and work with you as a technology provider, sub-contractor or JV partner, as well as to help your company participate in any smart city or e-government public tenders.