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How a new twist on a 30-year old technology can give your start-up a serious competitive advantage

If you are looking for a secret weapon to get your start-up ahead of the competition, this new programming language with an established pedigree in the telecom industry might just give you what you need.

How cloud-powered FinTech start-ups are disrupting the banks

Learn how financial technology (FinTech) start-ups are using Amazon's AWS cloud to obtain a competitive advantage over traditional financial institutions (and what the banks are doing about it!)

How banks react to FinTech advances

While traditional financial institutions continue to invest heavily in IT, they are undeniably losing ground to the more agile FinTech start-ups. Here, we review three main classes of responses that banks have to FinTech competition.

IT Interview Series

Elixir in Production

This series of interviews by Jordan Dimov explores how various companies, start-ups and individuals have successfully used the Elixir programming language to solve real-world business problems, build on-line platforms and release useful open-source libraries.

  • receipt ChatBlend

    How the ChatBlend team used Elixir and the Phoenix framework for the back-end API of their customer support service, providing live chat software with SMS messaging capabilities (via Twilio). Full text »

  • receipt Johnny Winn's Open-source Elixir Projects

    Johnny Winn, author of the book "Elixir for the Functional Rubyist", discusses his experience in creating several open-source Elixir libraries. Full text »

  • receipt

    Using Elixir and Phoenix to build a socket app that brings real-time events to a single-page AngularJS application (spa). Full text »

  • receipt Tufts University's Lab for Playful Computation

    How this university lab replaced an initial Python prototype with a more flexible and powerful Elixir implementation for their fascinating educational project Full text »

  • receipt DemoIt

    Cobenian, the company behind, used Elixir and Phoenix to build the REST API that powers their secure HTML sharing on-line service. Full text »

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