Industry-specific Professional On-line Community Platforms

Position your organisation as the authority and community leader for your industry in any city.

Begin with a solid foundation

We provide a robust and flexible cloud-based on-line platform that you can use to build a vibrant professional community around any industry or any subject.

Make it your own

You get access to an easy-to-use admin panel where you can customise and personalise the platform with your brand, message, links, contact details, etc.

Grow your user-base

Your community will be part of a global network of professionals in your industry. Your user-base will grow with each new member that the network acquires.

A turn-key solution that you can grow into a real business

  • A user-centric approach

    Our on-line platforms are designed to provide maximum value to industry experts, thought-leaders and professionals. We are constantly working to make it easy and effortless for users to register and create their profile (either with e-mail address and password, or simply using a social network profile like LinkedIn), login, manage their account, interact with the system, consume and produce content, submit their companies, start-ups, events, blog posts, and other resources.

  • Hyper-local focus, global impact

    Your instance of the platform can be specific to your city, your country or an entire region (different pricing levels apply, depending on scope) and we enforce exclusivity by making sure that only one platform exists per industry sector per geographic region. At the same time, each industry-specific platform is part of a global network - once a user registers in a given city, they can use their account to access any other city in the network. Directory listings and events are location-specific, but certain other resources are shared among each network. This way you don't have to start from scratch.

  • Plenty of opportunities for monetisation

    Depending on your goals, you can use your platform to provide paid advertising space to specific clients or partners; generic CPC advertising space (e.g. Google AdSense); you can charge for priority directory listings or event submissions; you can even turn your platform into a membership programme and only provide access to paying users.

  • Scalable, reliable, secure

    Our platforms are built using modern software engineering principles and technologies, so we can expand and build new functionality to best fit your needs. They are hosted on the AWS cloud, taking advantage of Amazon's extensive global infrastructure, so they load fast no matter where your users are. We build clean, mobile-optimised (responsive) interfaces so users can access them on any device and any screen size. Data security is our number one concern and is a core consideration in the design of everything we build.

What are the costs involved? There is a one-time set-up and configuration fee of £400 for joining an existing network and £1500 for starting a new network. Our monthly fees covering hosting, system maintenance and technical support vary depending on your industry and location. Plans start at £350 per month. Contact us for details.

We use Python, Django, PostgreSQL and modern JavaScript frameworks to build fast, responsive and reliable on-line platforms capable of smoothly handling large amounts of traffic and scaling with your business. Learn why at our open-source tools and technologies page. We also build many other kinds of on-line platforms.

How far can you stretch it?

Getting your platform set-up, branded and serving your community is only the beginning. Above all else, we are a business software development company. We have built the foundation of these on-line platforms to make it as easy and effortless for you to get started, but there is no limit to how far we can take your ideas. The platforms can be extended with just about any custom functionality that you can think of. We can integrate your platform with third-party software and create new features - either to be shared across our network, or to give you a competitive cutting-edge advantage. As soon as you hit a limitation or wish to take your platform in a new direction, just contact us for a custom development quote. Or simply ride the wave and take advantage of the constant growth and improvements that other network members ask us for.

Check availability for your industry sector and city and request a quote:

For an example professional network running on our platforms, see the FinTech community portals currently running in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, London, Toronto. A different configuration of the same platform is deployed for the community of authors and editors of "The FinTech Book" - the first crowd-sourced book on financial technology.