Enterprise Software Development

Bespoke Enterprise Software Solutions by A115

  • input Data Entry Interfaces

    Allowing staff, users and third parties to enter data into key business systems via efficient, secure and easy-to-use interfaces, on-line and off-line forms, personal mobile devices or industrial hand-held devices.

  • perm_media Automated Data Extraction

    Automated collection of data from a wide variety of on-line and off-line sources, instruments or sensor networks directly into various business systems and databases. Ability to monitor conditions and make decisions based on automatically collected information.

  • insert_chart Data Processing Applications

    Efficient handling of large volumes of stored or streaming data. Processing of data via flexibly configurable business rules. Output / export of data to other systems or custom-designed reporting modules.

  • perm_phone_msg Monitoring and Notifications

    Automated monitoring of various data sources and triggering of events and notifications when certain business-defined levels or trends are detected.

  • settings Business Rules Engines

    Modelling, visualisation and automation of complex, decision-making business rules. Triggering or application of business actions based on historic data, inferences and real-time input.

  • android Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Industrial applications of expert systems and machine learning algorithms for data mining, reporting, assisting decision-making, supervising and optimising business processes.

  • view_quilt Billing Systems

    Processing and applying specific business rules for billing, invoicing, management of offers, discounts and rewards, payments management, reminders and notifications.

  • shopping_basket Product Catalogues and Pricing Engines

    Purpose-built, flexible databases of product catalogues and advanced engines for channel-specific price management. Integration with warehouse systems, availability databases and order fulfilment systems.

  • track_changes Scheduling and Routing Applications

    Efficient planning, tracking and optimisation of delivery schedules and routes (for distribution networks, logistics, agent dispatch, vehicle tracking, cost optimisation, etc.)

  • perm_contact_calendar Staff Management Systems

    Time-tracking, access control, shift scheduling, support rota management and other employee management functions with easy to use web / mobile interfaces and advanced back-end reporting.

  • business Warehouse Management Software

    Ensuring uninterrupted BaU operations; minimising warehouse and logistics costs; on-demand information about stock quantities, availability and storage times; increased ability to meet supply and demand fluctuations via highly customised and efficient warehouse management software with flexible analytics and reporting modules.

Keep ahead of the competition with strategic business process automation

Great businesses don't compete. They make the competition irrelevant by developing and executing a holistic strategy that aligns value, profits and people. The key to achieving both differentiation and low costs in each area is strategic business process automation.

While all large organisations use various pieces of software (whether developed in-house, purchased and customised, or stitched together from COTS components), doing so without an underlying strategy inevitably leads to unmanageable complexity.

To fully harness the power of business process automation systems, you must use software solutions that are designed with your company's DNA and built to work together.

Each software system (and each business unit) must reinforce the others and work in alignment with your strategy to create a strong positive feedback loop, ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage.

At A115 we develop purpose-designed enterprise software solutions, specifically built to amplify your company's unique advantages and to address operational challenges. All in line with your strategic value, profits and people propositions.

Tell us about the specific challenges in your organisation and we will work with you to create and deliver your bespoke automation strategy.

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