Business Website Development

Professional business website design, development and hosting with affordable monthly plans.

Get your business on-line

The first step to getting your business on-line can be a bit scary, but we are here to help. We design and build a bespoke website for your business, get you a great domain name and make sure customers can find you.

Re-invent your website

Is your existing website stale? A clean, modern website makes it easier for customers to find you and increases their confidence and willingness to buy. We will re-design your business website to bring in more requests.

Start selling on the web

If you are ready to begin receiving on-line payments for your goods and services and tap into the vast Internet market, this package is for you. We will build a modern e-commerce website for your business, allowing you to accept on-line payments and automating order management.

Grow faster & boost sales

To keep your target customers engaged and grow your on-line sales, you have to actively manage your on-line presence. We can take this time-consuming burden off your shoulders. We will regularly create new content for your site and manage your company's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Your website is your on-line storefront

What your business has to offer is unique and valuable. You want more people to know about it. The purpose of a business website is to make it easy for the right customers to choose you.

Business websites are not what they used to be. A well-designed, modern website must be clean, responsive, optimised for mobile devices and a wide variety of screen sizes. It has to load fast, display important information prominently, be easy to navigate and free of clutter.

The invisible code that powers your website (HTML5) must adhere to all industry standards. It must also make it easy for search engines like Google to index and rank your site high (SEO). It should include semantic information ("structured data") that makes it possible for third-party software and websites to discover important information about your business.

A well-designed business website will attract and retain more visitors. It will ultimately help you reach a wider target market and bring in more sales.

Until now, getting a website for a business meant that you have to pay for a domain name, pay for web design, pay for web development, pay for hosting, pay for support, protection, security, maintenance and updates.

With our business website monthly plans, you get a comprehensive package that includes all the basics, plus customisations for your specific business needs. There are no large up-front payments and no long-term binding contracts.

Tell us about your business and let's get working on your on-line presence.

We also provide more advanced IT services and bespoke business software development.

More A115 services for business

Professional Web Design

Present customers with a high-impact design of your website, web-based product or on-line platform.

Content Translation

Reach a wider global audience, or specific foreign customers by translating content from English to almost any language.

Effective Copy Writing

Boost sales with engaging and persuasive copy for new or existing marketing materials (on-line or print)

Search Engine Optimisation

Cost-effectively reach a wider audience for a business website, web-based product or on-line platform.

Mobile Application Development

Provide customers, partners or staff with useful mobile interfaces to various business processes and data.

Business Intelligence Software Tools

Make well-informed, strategic business decisions on demand based on high-quality relevant data.

Brochures and Presentations

Impress your target audience with engaging presentations for prospective clients, partners or investors.

Custom Data Entry Interfaces

Allow staff or users to enter data into business systems; or automatically collect data from any source.

Research Reports & White-papers

Build credibility and establish authority in your industry with high-quality research publications.

Blog Content & Article Writing

Build and maintain credibility; grow social network following; keep target audience engaged.

Social Media Management

Cost-effectively and continuously engage existing and potential customers. Run effective social marketing campaigns.

Graphics Design for On-line and Print

Create visually pleasing company brochures, business cards, catalogues, stationery, effective print or on-line ads.

What you get is more than what you see

Like you, we also run a small business. We know all too well that at the end of the day what matters most is the bottom line. We are really here to help you get results.

We don't offer many canned solutions, because we know that one size doesn't fit all. Instead, we focus on really getting to know the unique strengths and challenges of your business and building bespoke software that does what you need.

We can customise, change or enhance any aspect of our software solutions to best match your established business processes and we are more than happy to build new, bespoke business software specifically for you. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.