Business Software Development

Your business is unique. Why settle for generic software?

You know this better than us - to be really successful in business, you must be like no other. Your products and your services must be so unique and valuable, that no one else can even compete.

Today, technology and access to raw data give you unprecedented power to control your business on levels that were never possible before. The opportunity of turning your business into a well-oiled, fully automated growth machine has never been more real. With the right technological and software solutions for your business, you can save time, improve performance, drive down costs and increase revenues all at the same time. You can have software that is so fine-tuned to the details of your business, that it can do almost everything (except, of course, to set the strategy and vision for your future - your genius is irreplaceable).

To fully take advantage of these possibilities, you need software that knows your business, not just your industry. You need software that is tailored just for you. Most businesses settle for generic, out-of-the-box solutions, then twist and bend them, trying to fit square pegs into round holes. For most businesses (globally!), the most powerful piece of business software they use is a spreadsheet.

We agree that spreadsheets are remarkably flexible... but we also think you're not "most businesses".

Tell us about your business and let us build your software.

Other A115 services for business

Cloud-based Software Development

Build complex software systems that solve challenging business problems and reliably scale as your business grows.

Software Quality Management

Ensure reliable and secure software conductive to growth with an ever improving code-base that is easy to maintain.

Data Entry Interfaces

Allow staff, users and third parties to enter data into your business systems via efficient, secure and easy-to-use interfaces.

Automated Data Extraction

Allow for automated collection of data from a wide variety of on-line and off-line sources or sensor networks directly into your database.

Technical Documentation

Ensure business continuity by having maintainable systems and components that can be used, serviced and improved by new and existing staff alike.

Software Security Management

Avoid expensive security breaches, protect assets and meet regulatory requirements with secure and reliable software.

Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

Be well prepared and position your business strategically when launching a new product or service.

Mobile Application Development

Purpose-built mobile apps for staff, customers or partners, running on any mobile or hand-held device.