Expert Python and Django Software Development for your Business

At A115 we combine management consulting research with cutting-edge software technologies to automate business processes and develop new enterprise capabilities.

A115 is a business software development company. Since 2007 we have been engineering and delivering unique, personalised software solutions to business leaders and ambitious start-ups world-wide. Our broad cross-industry experience, solutions-oriented approach and agile organisational structure distinguish us from traditional software vendors. This allows us to bring fresh insights and build software and tools that give not only a cutting edge, but also a long-term sustainable competitive advantage to our clients.

Why choose A115?

Unlike our competitors, we don't just build software and we don't just deliver features. Unlocking the full potential of your company or your business idea is the core focus of our work. Our strength is in solving business problems, creating new capabilities and sustaining business growth. Our view is that technology should be an enabling force for your business, almost invisible, not something that adds unnecessary complexity and wastes time.

We are a small and fluid team, consisting of highly skilled Python and Django contractors in different countries. We know what we are good at and we don't take on just any project. With every project that we take on, however, we put all of our efforts into delivering the highest amount of value and quality in the most efficient way possible.

Our history and experience

A115 was established in 2007, when we were commissioned to complete several large-scale public sector IT projects in Bulgaria (in the areas of e-government, parking and transportation). In 2011 we relocated our HQ to London and shifted our focus from government software to business software. Since then, we have consistently built high-quality on-line platforms and business software solutions for various clients around the world.

What we do

We work with established companies, SME's and start-ups across a broad range of industry verticals to design and implement bespoke software solutions that help our clients overcome challenges, explore new opportunities and reach new levels of performance.

The typical solutions we provide for our clients range from clean, effective, mobile-optimised business websites, through advanced on-line community platforms, to complex, distributed enterprise software capable of reliably handling many millions of transactions per day.

Some businesses engage us for one-off tasks that must be completed urgently, or to build a technological foundation for a new venture. With most clients, however, we develop a long-term working relationship, either via repeat engagements or through a subscription model. Business software is really more like an on-going process than a static product - it must constantly evolve as the business grows. We provide full technical support, maintenance, staff training and on-demand software development services along the way.

What we believe in

At the heart of every business is a passion. To make that passion shine through, business owners have to continuously overcome many layers of complexity, brought about by modern market realities, competition, globalisation, regulatory requirements, environmental factors, etc. At A115 we believe that technology doesn't have to be one of those factors that add unnecessary complexity on your way to success.

On the contrary - the right technologies, if applied correctly to the right business problems, have the power to bring about simplicity, to unleash resources and to materialise visions of prosperity and abundance. We believe that your most valuable resources are your creativity and your time. Repetitive work should be done by computers (they're better at it!) So we help you re-gain your time while positioning your business for almost automatic growth.

Our little secret

We have a secret that allows us to consistently deliver outstanding results. We choose our customers carefully.

There are plenty of other software companies, web design studios and freelancer sites. Many of them offer services that we just don't. Many work far cheaper than we do. We don't pretend to be everything to everyone.

Once we establish a good match, we trust our clients and we treat them well. We say yes more often. We bend the rules. We show up on time. We keep our promises. We pay attention.

Not everyone deserves this sort of treatment. Then again, our clients are not everyone.