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A115: Enterprise Software with Python 3, Django & AWS

Leading UK provider of bespoke Python software, training and resourcing since 1996


About A115 London

Our story begins in 1996, when we set up a small, boutique software development shop to help automate business processes, transactions and reporting. Since then, our expertise and impact have only expanded, as we help fast-growing businesses around the world. Here are some of the highlights of our journey in business technology mastery:

In 2007, A115 helped make the European capital city of Sofia a world leader in mobile parking payments with our (still) innovative ParkBySMS solution built with Python, Django and PostgreSQL. The system has been handling over €30 million Premium SMS parking payments every year, with zero downtime during working hours.

Since 2011, we have been building a fast, data-driven business rules engine written in Python, which powers commerce at global media leader Sky, processing over £61 billion in revenue since then, and serving millions of existing and new customers across Europe. Advanced, integrated data exploration and visualisation tools help Sky continuously offer premium value to customers.

In 2016, Sky also adopted the "Product and Offer Management" components we built to power the international commerce platform for the new NowTV brand. We further created tailored tools in Python to migrate 12 million existing UK customer accounts to the new platform.

Meanwhile, we have completed and continue to support critical infrastructure projects and auxiliary business tools for partners and clients around the world, including: a nation-wide property database to track land ownership as part of the Bulgarian Registry Agency e-Government initiative; a network of utility bill payment kiosks across east Europe; back-end and mobile software to manage a region-wide network of real-estate agents and centralised listings at Dubizzle - the prominent Middle East on-line portal; the software powering the Twilert on-line subscription service for brand monitoring on Twitter; our ViewCop augmented reality platform for traffic law enforcement; and many more. We have also provided software security consulting services to banks and financial services corporations including Visa, MasterCard, BAML (Merrill Lynch) and the US Federal Reserve.

Power Technology Stack

  • Python 3.7, Django. (Geo)Django, Flask
  • PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Neo4J, Redis, Celery
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, React / React Native
  • Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Kubernetes
  • Android, iOS (Objective C, Swift)

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